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your odometer

Had this happen to my GF old 85 4kq, is it red?, any way the reason hers
stopped working was that there is a worm gear that drives a small metal
shaft in the odometer. on this shaft all the numbered wheels slide on and
through a system of other gears when the tenths turn over it turns a mile
and 10 miles turns the next one, the ten miles and so on. anyway the shaft
only drives the last gear and it was slipping. So I took the thing apart and
pulled out the shaft and scared the metal with a pair of pliers on the end
where the gear goes and put it back together. Mileage ticking again! the
problems I had were getting the whole unit out with out breaking the
speedometer needle, don't know how this is suppose to come off and we just
need the mileage for her work.
Hope this helps.

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someday maybe
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