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Question about paintless dent repair

I'm sure there's somebody or other on the list who's had experience here.

On my driver's door (type 44, '91 TQW), there are two tiny dings along the
highest ridge line, well above the plastic moulding and a few inches or so
below the window line.  They're of fairly recent origin.  You can't see
them unless you're looking from certain angles and in good light.  I
suspect this is the result of the passenger's side door from an mf'ing SUV
being opened on it, since the cladding on the side protects these doors
from normal people movers.
	Anyway, I stopped by a reputable detail shop in Santa Monica that
advertises paintless dent repair.  The guy there noticed the dings
immediately and said they could be popped out for $75.  I asked if the
upholstery panels should be removed.  He said they could do it through the
aperture for the window and that they'd do something to protect the window.

Question:  Any advice here?  Should I remove the panelling?  How big a PITA
is it to remove the panel?  (I've done plenty of other things on this
beast, so generally I'm not gunshy on these matters, but would prefer not
to do something that isn't necessary.


- Jim