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What to do? Discontinued part

I discovered an almost broken vacuum hose coming off of my intake manifold.
    P/N: 035 133 521
I checked with the ^&$% CD and it stated the part had been deleted on 8/97.
The hose is intact but has a slice in it, looks like it will last for some
time, but now would be the time find one before no one has anything remotely
close to it.  The reason I couldn't use any regular bulk hosing is that it
has a special head that fits over a connector on the manifold.  At the other
end it has another similar connector, but much coupled to a much smaller
spaded three way plastic piece.  I didn't really check, but I believe it has
something to do with the carbon canister.  Any suggestions?  Will try junk
yards and recyclers I guess.

Thanks again!

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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