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Re: bashing Detroit

About ten years ago a friend of mine from Flint told me about his
experiences in an automobile factory in Michigan. If the guys on the
line were in a bad mood, which I'm guessing was most of the time, they
would do fun things like purposely _not_ stagger _all_ of the piston
ring gaps in a motor. They would take a wheelbarrow full of cam
followers and dump it out into the dirt and then shovel them up and
install them into motors. There were other stories, but I can't remember
them now. He also said that the rumor that you should not buy a car that
was made on Monday or Friday is 100% correct. On Monday everyone was
hung over or in a bad mood about having to come back to work, and on
Friday everyone just wanted to get the heck out of the factory so they
did a poor job.
$.02 and sorry if it's a WOB,