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Re: Anyone know anything about Air Compressors (No Audi Contnet)

I have basically the same compressor you describe, and have regretted not
have gone bigger (more SFCM's).  While it drives a ratchet great and hammers
and staplers, it hardly drives an impact wrench and has problems with rotary
tools such as drills and sanders.  So my advice is if you can swing it go
bigger.  Look at the SFCM requirements for the tools you may need to use and
go a little higher than that on the compressor.

86 5ktqw
83 Ur-Q
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From: Robinson, Michael/SFO <mrobinso@ch2m.com>
To: 'quattro@audifans.com' <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Thursday, July 08, 1999 7:06 PM
Subject: Anyone know anything about Air Compressors (No Audi Contnet)

>I was looking at a Sears ad in the San Jose Mercury News today and saw them
>advertising some Air Compressors for tools.  The one I am looking at is 5.5
>hp, 25 gallon tank, and delivers 8.6/6.4 SFCM @ 40/90 PSI.  It is $299.99.
>Is this a decent value?  Is there enough CFM to keep the tools going?  I
>don't know much about these things but i am very interested in getting one.
>Actually, the value is not what i am going for.  I am wondering if this
>thing is quality enough to be used for doing work on Audis.  I would
>appreciater any help.
>Mike Robinson
>San Jose, CA
>88 90Q ~0.0 bar
>1,474,000 Furlongs