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Re: a 4000/80 QUESTION

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999 BRIT4VWS@aol.com wrote:

> The 4000 was the 80 in Europe and I think CS models were 90's. 


 I also think 
> they got the new body style one year before us so you might wanna say like an 
> 85 80 quattro.

	Hmmm... I think that is correct. I should check with my German

  Europeans also have different headlights than the US so you 
> might wanna consider that before you order these spoilers.

	Yes the euro spec headlights are different, but they are a perfect
fit. the biggest differences are -- side marker lenses are clear, the
bulbs are amber -- they use a different bulb from a 9004, I dont remember
the number, and they actually throw a good beam, as opposed to the lifless
blob of light as on the american spec lamps. I need some new headlights
pertty badly, and would love to learn more about these headlights.

'86 4kcsq