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Re: 86 4000S stalling after warm

In message <4FA371B64BDAD2119CF40008C7D9ADB306C5A5@indyexch5.indy.tce.com> "Browning David (TVCS)" writes:

> After the motor is good and warmed up the engine will all of the sudden die
> and won't restart.  After several minutes it will start and then repeat
> after a few more  minutes.  It seems either like some kind of weird
> vapor-lock problem or maybe not enough fuel pressure.  I put a new fuel
> filter on it to no avail.  The fuel pump has always made a big racket even
> when it did run.  I cleaned out what I could of the fuel distributor, but no
> luck.

The nmagic finger points at the control pressure regulator (a.k.a.
warm-up regulator).

 Phil Payne
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