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Re: CGT: Wheel Howling

try wheel bearings.  soon.  easy to check:  jack up the corner(s) in question,
spin the tire by hand and listen and feel for crunches and general lack of

or first even, my other easier favorite wheel bearing check:  after driving it
with the symptom showing (howling), jump out (stop the car first) and feel the
center of the wheel around the hub for temp.  bad wheel bearing will usually be
heating that sucker up nicely.  you do have to compare this against the temp of a
non-howling wheel to adjust for brake heat.

Klvbiz@cs.com wrote:

> Hello Audi Fans,
> Has anyone experienced any wheel howling noises? This noise gets higher
> pitched with increased Rpm's. Is this telling me to rotate/balance wheels, or
> do I need rear brake pad replacements?
> Ken
> 86.5 CGT



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