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Re: Coupe won't start :-(

I have double checked timing and it is correct.  Well, as close as I can get
without the engine running to use a timing light to set the distributor.  I
am not getting  fire at all,  yet I am getting voltage to the coil.  The
coil isn't getting the ground signal to discharge.

Before I had the ground from the battery box or the - terminal of the
battery hooked up to the engine,  my brother decided that he wanted to see
if the engine would turn over.  When he turned the key the engine would turn
over very slowly.  My thought......the ECU ground at the intake was hooked
up.  This was the only ground that I can think of except possibly through
the axles to the struts to the tie rods....etc.  Could the high current load
have caused damage to the wiring/relays etc.  ?  Just stabbing in the dark
whilst at work thinking of another weekend of work on the Audi.

Greg Herrmann
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> Have you double checked all your timing marks to make sure your
> timing belt it set correctly?
> Javad Shadzi