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Re: A good deal on Xenon headlight bulbs

At 02:12 AM 7/9/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>In a message dated 99-07-08 15:01:32 EDT, armanmik@n-jcenter.com writes:
><< I finally bit the bullet and did the Eurolights and relays, and friends,
> THAT is the ANSWER.
>  >>
>how much did that set you back?
>and why havent the prices dropped for the Euro Lights?  wasnt there a list 
>group purchase? 

I think that was for the 4000 cars, and I'm not sure it ever actually

>somehow i cant justify spending $500 (?) for a pair of headlights...
>(who just put some 80watt "xenon" bulbs in the DOT turbo lights on my '86
>and they arent any better than the regular 9004's that were in there
>(ps, the guy at the counter said i didnt need to run any relays, or
>either for these xenon bulbs)

First, the guy at the parts counter is *WRONG*. The 60 watt bulbs take 5
amps each (total 10) and the switch is marginal at that rating. The 80 watt
bulbs take 6.6 amps each, total 13.3 amps, which is TOO MUCH for the
headlight switch!!!!!!!!

I doubt that the guy at the counter will buy you a headlight switch and
wiring harness when yours melts, and I'm SURE you don't want him to install

You are correct in not noticing any improvement - the problem is the crappy
lens and reflector (plastic), which may also melt from the increased heat.

The price (from me) is $400 a set for a pair of lights to fit type 44
(5000/100/200) and includes a pair of the correct R & L corner light lenses
and a wiring diagram/instruction sheet for the relay conversion which I'll
send you for the asking whether you buy lights from me or not. (Which
usually means "Whether you buy lights from me now or later.")

I also thought this was a lot of money to spend on an older, not
particularly valuable car (my 86 5Ks), but now that I've done it, I can say
it is the BEST $400 I've spent on ANY motor vehicle I've owned in a LONG
time. The difference is astonishing.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman