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Re: bashing Detroit

After hearing my brother's story, I wouldn't buy a GM built on any day.  He 
was a product planner there some years ago.  One day he took a large, new, 
GM product out for an errand.  He accellerated to 100mph down an onramp.  
Upon entering the deserted six-lane, he stomped the brake pedal to the 
floor, just to see what would happen.  Nothing happened.  He assumed he 
broke something, tried it again gently, and it worked normally.  Anything 
but a huge stomp produced the expected control-reducing nose dive.  He 
repeated it in another car, then again with the product planner for that 
division.  The other guy asked my bro not to say anything, and he agreed.  
He kept his word even when the next model year had the same problem.  He 
says there are worse problems than that, and he was on his way out of GM.  
He had enough enemies there because he drove a furrin car and was moving to 
a better position with a furrin competitor.

Who knows, my Audi may have the same problem, I'm not about to test it.  I 
doubt it after the brake system was subjected to the unintended defamation 
debacle.  Probably the only people who run into this problem are about to 
slam into something, and don't realize it happened.  I've found myself 
taking the gravel over panic braking in traffic in Detroit, I've seen two 
cars slam into stationary traffic without decelerating on the highway.  I 
watch my mirror carefully.

'90 200tqw
'98 Econoline lease
'96 SuperV
'57 Stratotanker

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