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RE: FW: Stongard group purchase

Certainly, but you can request a left hand drive beam pattern...

Stott Hare
85 Callaway 4ktq
84 4ktq (MC conversion in progress) 

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Isn't the pattern on the lense in GB is reversed because of the right hand

Hare,Stott (X) wrote:

> Err, this isn't entirely correct.  I don't know where you got your
> information, but a quick browse of the Family Photo album shows that both
> the Hella and the Cibie H4/H1 Euro lights have replaceable lenses.  As
> stated, my Cibies have replaceable lenses.  However my previous Bosch H4
> Euro lights did not have the replaceable lens feature, and the family
> album indicates that the Hellas don't either.  Perhaps this is what your
> original information was indicating.
> As for where to get the lights.  Blau, Denon, Puma, possibly 2Bennett and
> others can get the lights.  I'd assume they could get the lenses as well,
> but the profit margin isn't great.  Or you can get them from
> where they get theirs.  I got my lights from a shop straight out of the
> Audifans Vendor list.  The Parts Department in England.  When and if I
> a lens, I'll be going back to Tim for replacement parts.
> HTH,
> -S