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Wiil Techron Help Me?

Greetings all!

My car is an '85 4ksq, with 188K miles.  I've owned it for the last 95k, and 
have not changed or serviced the injectors(fuel filters regularly changed), 
nor have I replaced the O2 sensor.  Car always starts instantly, idles(at 1k 
rpm) and runs smoothly, and pulls strong, with no skips, right to the red 
line(in all gears).  Gas mileage is 18-20mpg in mixed driving, about 24mpg 
freeway(70-90mph with a bicycle on the roof).

It's been several years since I adjusted the fuel mixture or checked to see 
if the O2 sensor is working.

If the car runs smoothly, are there benefits from using a fuel treatment like 

Opinions from the group?

Jan Pinkowish
'85 4ksq