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Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <004901beca2a$6f888e10$05bae6d0@cardinalventures.com> "Brandon Hull" writes:
> > > My mechanic also suggests running the ground wire to ground (chassis)
> > > rather than back through the harness, with a higher gauge wire.
> > Good idea, and the way I and most others I suspect do the relay harness.
> > But the downside of having lot's of component-specific grounds all over the
> > place is that you've multiplied the opportunities for corrosion, loosening
> > fasteners/connectors etc.  So when I've done this, I'm anal retentive about
> > making a very clean metal-to-metal connection, and weather proofing
> > everything afterwards.
> FWIW, certainly on the ur-quattro - there's a very nice ground point on
> the rear side of the engine carrier right behind the radiator.
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I cleaned this ground strap and added another one and my starter began to turn faster.
Radiator fan that is grounded there began to turn faster in A/C mode as well.
But I still have problems with hot cranking.

Mike Z