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Re: CGT Rebuild -- what else should I do...

> About 2 weeks ago the CV joint on my 83 CGT gave out, so I figured heck,
> while I'm in there, I might as well replace the clutch (still orig. w/
> 190k).  Well, then I figured I might as well upgrade to Bilsteins & H&R's
> while a lot of the stuff's apart.  Since I'm doing that, new poly bushings
> on the control arms and strut bearings seem appropriate.  Ball joints & tie
> rods are fairly new.  So my question is, since about half the car is being
> stored in plastic ziploc bags waiting to be reassembled, is there anything
> else I should consider replacing or upgrading while it's all apart?

I think this is called a "frame up restoration", or at least it might
turn into one...

> Another question, is the sway bar on a 4kq really thicker than on a CGT?

hmmm, it is, a bit (about 1+ inches versus .9- inches).

> Oh, and yes, I was tempted to do the turbo swap, but changing the engine
> seemed a little extreme when only the CV joint was originally bad!

but when you decide to swap the engine mounts and radiator hoses as well
you'll almost be there...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT