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Part 4, 90 200TQW Clutch Pedal Repair Complete

The last part of the puzzle finally arrived today and I now have a
working quattro wagon again.
A few things have shown up that may have contributed to the pedal
breakage. I installed new clutch master and slave cylinders, both
originals appeared to have sticky spots when operated by hand after
removal. These cylinders are apparently likely candidates for pitting
and corrosion in their bores which gets worse over time. Mine were
apparently original, and due to be changed. The master cylinder clevis 
link appears to have been adjusted incorrectly. I tried to match up
the adjustment of the clevis to the prior position when installing the 
new pedal and MC. This resulted in the master cylinder bottoming out
before the pedal hit the carpet, and the pedal being quite a bit
higher than the brake pedal. The Bentley indicated that the clutch MC
clevis should be adjusted to where the clutch pedal at rest was 10mm
above the brake pedal. I believe that this misadjustment could have
contributed to the pedal breakage. With the correct adjustment of the
pedal the MC no longer bottoms out first.
I do not know how the MC clevis got so far out of correct adjustment,
but it would seem to me that the dealership mechanics who tried to
hack in a 90Q pedal would have attempted to better adjust the
clevis. I think that they could have broken the used pedal by simply
planting a large boot firmly on the clutch pedal and ramming it to the 
firewall. Another explanation could be that the used pedal could have
been slightly damaged in whatever crash resulted in the car arriving
at the junkyard.
Regardless of their intentions, they should not have thrown away my
original clutch pedal overcenter spring and hardware. This alone cost
me an extra week in getting the car back on the road. Their arrogant
attitude about this error was another failure on their part.

My clutch now operates smoothly and without any excessive pedal
pressure, hopefully I won't have to replace the clutch itself real
soon. The cost of this entire episode with rental costs for trucks and 
trailer along with the required parts is about the same as a clutch

My thanks to all those who replied to my questions and offered
suggestions. As usual, the quattro list is the best!

David Ritter