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RE: PN - Radiator ground wire upgrade - part deux

At 02:41 AM 7/9/99 EDT, QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:
>-  3 bux on a fuse.  Better than nothing...  Maybe.  I personally convince 
>customers to spend more money on this than 3 bux, and all the parts to 
>convert I listed by audi won't cost as much as you think.  A 3bux 'fix'
>actually cause a 1000USD+ head gasket blow you may not get by putting
>in there at all.  See above.
>-  The minimum fuse can take a maximum toll.  Bad connections to the fan can 
>suck up a lot of resistance.  
>REMEMBER:  The gains are saving your harness and preventing a potential 
>underhood fire.  The offset is that a blown fuse means NO FAN OPERATION, 
>period.  Bottom Line:  Do this mod, but do it right.  IMO, you put in the 
>audi 80amp fuse correctly on any audi chassis, you don't have to guess on
>diagnostic when she blows.

less than $20 for all the conversion parts at qlist prices (80% of this is
the box and the bracket), and the replacement fuse is a dollar or so...