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Coupe won't start :-( I found the problem!

I ran the diagnostics today on the ECU and the hall sender.  Test indicated
bad hall sender.  When I pulled the connector off of the distributor I
pulled on the wires.  Ah ha broken wire!  I traced it back in the loom under
the battery box and low and behold all but 2 wires in the harness were
broken.  I spliced the wires and now I have fire.

The cause of the broken wires?  The p.o. had driven the car without the
tranny mount connected which ripped the core support, caused the hood to fly
open and crinkle the right fender.  I surmise that during this the engine
pinched the harness.

I still have to put every thing back together and fire her up, but at least
now my little dilemma is solved.

Thanks to everyone who gave me insight.

Greg Herrmann