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Mobil 1 Oil

I saw a post about Mobil 1 5,000mile change intervals and decided to check
my records since I use Mobil 1 5W-30 as well.  I go by the little sticker on
the door from my mechanic by what mileage to change the oil, by their
standards they have me going 7,000miles on my Mobil 1.  I  now have
6,500miles on the oil, but most of the miles are highway miles in colder
weather.  I asked for Mobil 1 since the shop uses Pennzoil 15W-40 Long-Life
and I was in a cold place when the oil change was done.  So since they
schedule oil changes by the Pennzoil Long-Life oil I really should change
the oil more often then they suggest, right?  I do some hard, high revving
driving occasionaly, so probably every 3-4,000miles probably?  Also some
100+mph driving, 3 speed auto trany no overdrive, constant 40+RPM's for
15-20 minutes, hmmm.  What is the best oil, as well, synth, real...?

Thnaks again!

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