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Re: fan problem update

FWIW, I picked up some adnoH main links and holders (four for a
coupla' bucks at pick 'n pull) for all my 5k fan protection.  I
think they were 45A.  --Gary

Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 20:35:10 -0400
From: John Cunningham <johnc@together.net>

Scott -

interesting.  so is the 60amp rating on that ground fuse over rated do you
think?  might it be a good preventative measure IYO to replace it with a lower
rating, even on a car with no symptoms but high hours on the fan?


QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:

> fan will still operate, I field fixed a blown 60amp ground fuse on a 91
> 200tq20vt, and it melted the plastic fuse retainer, and the fuse was non
> existent, that's some serious draw.