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Re: typ44 turbo: stalls out, rough idle

--- JordanVw@aol.com wrote:
> thanks to all about the answers to the timing belt
> question..the general 
> consensus is its the timing belt tensioner/idler
> pulley bearings.  
> another problem ive had, since the timing belt was
> replaced, tho it prolly 
> doesnt have anything to do with changing the belt,
> is that now when i start 
> the car, the idle hunts up and down, then the car
> stalls out. (this is a '86 
> 5kT w/ AT)  after the second try, its ok, but idle
> still rough.  i tried 
> adjusting the little brass idle adjustment screw at
> the intake, to no avail. 
> Also, yesterday i was on the freeway, doing 65, then
> i pulled over to help 
> someone on the side of the road, who had a flat, and
> before i could even put 
> it in park, it stalled out.  i thought this was
> strange, since the car had 
> been running fine, why would the abrubt drop in rpms
> cause it to stall? 
> any ideas?  
> thanks  - 
> chris
> '86 5kT
> '86 5kTQ
Sounds like you have a problem with you idle stabilization circuit.
Check the idle stabilizer valve (sticking or otherwise not operating
properly--clean or replace), the control unit(biggest relay under dash,
and/or the thermosensor for the idle stabilization circuit. I had a
problem like this a couple of years ago and it turned out to be a bad
connection at the thermosensor (the front most single-lead thermosensor
on the lower side of head). If you do have a bad connection or bad
thermosensor, you must kill the engine and then restart before it will
correct itself--at least that was my experience.

Hope this helps,
'86 5KTQ
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