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'88 5KS water pump

Be VERY careful to use the sealer sparingly.  Squeeze-out tends to
break off and end up as a clog somewhere in the cooling system.

Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 15:56:17 -0400
From: David Head <dave.head@worldnet.att.net>

You can grind it down (reface) with a peanut grinder also... No added welding
needed. BTDT. Then use blue non hardening gasket sealer on the oring

MHLIGGINS@aol.com wrote:

>         But, the face of the block, where the water pump sits, is pitted. One
> spot is very deep and it appears that this is the source of the leak. The
> water pump was sitting in such a way that the rubber gasket was on the
> "borderline" of this large pitted spot and the water was going under the
> rubber and down the front of the engine.