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Audi 200 89 AC Fuse blown

    My 89 200 continues to blow fuse 17.  According to my Bentley, the fuse
supplies power to the A/C compressor clutch, A/C head unit, A/C Programmer,
and blower motor controller.  The 30A fuse blows immediately when the key is
turned to RUN (Its powered through the load reduction relay).  The A/C
compressor clutch and blower motor controller were disconnected, and the
fuse still blew.  Disconnecting the head unit will prevent the fuse from
blowing.  However, a replacement did not solve the problem.  Any BTDT???
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Vince Maddon

'98 A4 2.8Q
'99 Legacy GT (Wife's)
'89 200t (for sale)
'83 928 5spd (for sale)