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Clicking Valve? Clicking Throttle Body?

    I ventured around the engine looking for air leaks and a clicking noise.
I took out all of the hosing from the intake manifold, the large air "boot"
that goes from the air flow meter to the throttle body, and the ISV lines.
    I did not find any cracked hoses or any leaky anything, except the line
from coming from the ISV to the manifold had a strange connection to the
manifold.  The "L" bend that connects to the manifold had a plastic shim in
it and some very gooey, black, sticky paste.  I guess whomever istalled the
new "L" bend in didn't use the right one and it didn't fit, "gee, lemme fix
dis wit sum a dis, der close enuf."  It doesn't leak, but it's sticky as all
hell and the little piece of rubber shim is melting away contributing to the
gooey mess.  Bad or not bad, fix or let alone?
    Also I am now thinking the clicking is coming from the throttle body.
The noise is in the ISV, Throttle Body, Carbon Canister Valve area.  Is this
a possible thing, the throttle body clicking in cycle with the engine,
clicking faster when the engine is revved?  Hearing an air "wooshing" noise
from the ISV as well.
    Also noticed some play in the air flow meter.  I know there is some, but
how much on average?

Thanks again!!

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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