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Re: XXXX CD: using a small Mac monitor

Here's an update for those who had any interest in my earlier (verbose)
post about using the XXXX CD with small-screen Macs (resolution less than

There's a freeware utility that does a great job of expanding the Macintosh
desktop to a virtual, much-larger-than-the-screen size. The program is
called "Virtual Desktop", and you can download it here:

This program can install a set of  horizontal and vertical scroll bars at
the side and bottom of the desktop and these are used for shifting the
*entire desktop* by the desired amount (producing a virtual desktop up to
up several times larger than the screen's width.) There are also several
ways you can use the mouse (or trackpad) to drag the desktop (i.e.,
producing a shift of the XXXX program window) in any direction. I tried it
on my Powerbook with VPC95 running XXXX  (Mac OS 8.6) and it seems to work
pretty nicely. It eliminates the need to drag the XXXX program window by
its borders and therefore allows you to move the XXXX screen smoothly and
continuously (getting to those otherwise-forbidden, centrally located
sections that don't include any window border).

I'd say that with this (or similar) utility, the experience of using XXXX
with a small-screen  Mac will be much enhanced. If anyone is aware of other
utilities of this kind (for Mac OS), please let me know.

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