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Re: Pearl White touch up paint

In a message dated 99-07-10 17:08:44 EDT, scottb2460@earthlink.net writes:

<< What's the situation with this color in the touch up containers. I was
 told by a dealer they don't make this in touch up and they have been
 selling for quite a while now the Nissan pearl white which comes in two
 contains, a base and second application. Is Audi not selling this stuff

its LOA9 pearlescent white, and is still available from the vw or audi 
dealer, in touch up tubes, or spray cans.  keep in mind - its just the pearl 
coat.  i ended up using Alpine white for the base coat, and then used the 
pearl over it, when i repainted around the winshield on my '86 5kTQ 
cant even tell it was repainted...matched great.

'86 5kT (graphite black metallic)
'86 5kTQ (pearlescent white metallic)