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Re: A good book...

For what it is worth, a good source of books is www.bestbookbuys.com.

         Title:   Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management; 
                  Theory of Operation, Troubleshooting and Service ...
         Author:   Probst, Charles O.
         Format:   Trade Paperback
         Publication Date:    Jan 1990
         ISBN:   0837603005
         Best Price (incl S/H):   $23.41 

Here are a few titles with the word Audi in the title that seemed
interesting (unfortunately Audio gets in the way a bit).  Might I
solicit comments about these books?

         Title:   The Audi Quattro Book
         Author:   Pollard, Dave
         Format:   Hardcover
         Publication Date:    November 1997
         ISBN:   185960403X
         Best Price (incl S/H):   $29.11

         Title:   Audi
         Author:   Harris, Paul
         Format:   Paperback
         Publication Date:    July 1999
         ISBN:   0750919256
         Best Price (incl S/H):   $17.81

         Title:   Audi 5000s 5000cs Official Factory Repair Manual, 
                  1984-1988; 2 Volumes
         Author:   Audi of America
         Format:   Paperback
         Publication Date:    November 1992
         ISBN:   0837603706
         Best Price (incl S/H):   $100.40

Is this last book the same as the Benley manual or is it something
totally different?  Does someone have the ISBN for the Bentley manual
for this model?  Where can this manual be purchased for a competitive

Also, here is a bargain for someone.
         Title:   Audi 100, 200 Official Factory Repair Manual, 
                  1989, 1990, 1991; Including 100 Quattro, 200 Quattro,
                  Wagon, Turbo and 20v Turbo
         Author:   Audi of America
         Format:   Hardcover
         Publication Date:    December 1994
         ISBN:   0837603722
         Best Price (incl S/H):   $53 used

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