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Re: power windows

I went hummmmmming through  the family album CD and found, at least in 1985
(I hadn't check your car's year), there were front and rear door window
winders on some cars.  The left lift is 443.837.399B (front) and the right
is 443.839.400B.  Rears are same numbers without the "B".  I can't tell for
certain from the illustration, but the crank and knobs might be included in
those numbers as an assembly or they might be separate.

Kneale Brownson

At 10:44 AM 7/11/99 +0100, Daniel R. LeFebvre wrote:
>	Is it possible to convert power windows into manually operated windows
>on a 5000?  My passenger side window, after the cable in the regulator
>broke, has been secured permanently in the up position.  Now my driver's
>side window is permanently stuck in the down position.  I'd just like to
>drill some holes and replace the whole setup with rotating handles. 
>anyone ever done it?  were there 5000's that came with manual windows,
>and, if so, can i just buy the manual setups intended for them and
>replace my power regulators?
>	dan
>1986 5000cs
>200,000 m