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Re: power windows

Kneale Brownson writes:
> At 10:44 AM 7/11/99 +0100, Daniel R. LeFebvre wrote:
> >	Is it possible to convert power windows into manually operated windows
> >on a 5000?  My passenger side window, after the cable in the regulator
> I went hummmmmming through  the family album CD and found, at least in 1985
> (I hadn't check your car's year), there were front and rear door window
> winders on some cars.  The left lift is 443.837.399B (front) and the right
> is 443.839.400B.  Rears are same numbers without the "B".

Keep in mind that the family album CD is for Euro models...  AFAIK all
US 5000 models from 1984 have power windows standard.  Thus, it's going
to be hard to find the needed pieces here.  The dealers probably won't order
non-US spec parts for you, and you will not likely find these pieces from
a recycle yard.  You'll have to ask yourself whether it is worth the
trouble of ordering from a European dealer.  Probably cheaper to just
replace the power window regulators.  They are not very difficult to do
and the parts are easily found...

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