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S3 spotted in Denver Saturday night!?!

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking for awhile, but what I saw last night prompted me to post
to the list.  Friends came by to pick me up for a night at the bars and one
excitedly told me there was an imported S3 hatchback parked down the street.
We cruised down to it, and lo and behold, there it was.  I believe it was
dark blue or black (it was dark) and had the bumper molded for German plates
(it actually had AZ plates).  Besides the 4-rings on the grill and hatch,
only a tiny ///S3 badge was on the grill.  Couldn't see the interior very
well.  It looks like the Honda Civic (sorry...) but still looked like the A4
a bit.  Anyone's on the list?

I'm curious to find out if it was indeed imported by someone.  I understand
it's a lengthy, expensive process, and only certain cars can be brought in.
I belong to a Subaru newsgroup and people want to import a WRX but were
under the impression that you can only bring in these high performance cars
if you're gonna race 'em.  They wouldn't be street-legal at all.  I hadn't
heard that these were being offered by Audi, only S4s and S6s.  Can someone
shed some light on this?  It was a damn cool looking car.

Also, does anyone have the scoop on the S4 biturbo?  Any final word on
pricing?  My lease is up at the end of '00 and I really want that car...