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RE: no audi content ...bikes

Ok, this makes sense.

I was pretty nervous about this years ago(10 years to be exact) when I got
my first roof rack.  I had visions of hearing a loud crashing noise as the
bike detached from the rack, bounced off my car and then bounced down the
road behind me.  I shudder to think what this would do to a bike.

However, I've never had a problem in the past 10 years.  The worst that
happened was one of the rear tire straps let go at speed.  I heard it
release, pulled over and replaced it with a spare I had.  I've had two
Yakima racks always with the fork mount style bike attachments and I always
lock them.  I'd prefer to have the bikes in the car but this just isn't
practical with most vehicles.

This experience includes quite a few 400 miles trips at extra-legal speeds.

I believe whoever had the problems simply didn't mount the bike correctly.

Congratulations on the performance btw.  I don't race.  I ride the Pan-Mass
Challenge every year as well as a few other group rides(and of course a lot
of training).


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> paul sed,    "Yea ok, but what damage do you see to the frames?
> I've driven
> at 80 with various bikes on my"
>         paul in all honesty i would never expect to see damage to
> the frames
> other than bug guts, as long as they are able to stay on the rack and the
> rack on the car. the damage that i meant is from bikes or racks or both
> becoming airborne as they leave the car. it is the multiple crashes after
> the airborne adventure that seem to do the damage. wheels usually
> fare quite
> well but usually the fork bends, this in turn forces the head tube/ down
> tube junction and bends both the down tube and the top tube.
> handlebars are
> mangled...as are saddles and anything else that gets dragged along the
> ground like an anchor to slow down the skidding bike. in the low overhead
> damage to a bike on a rack....the frame is first pushed backwards and then
> downwards into the roof of the vehicle. the results are a bent fork and
> twisted frame. if the rack is ripped off the roof then you also get the
> ancillary bounce damage as well.
>         i'm glad that nothing has happened to your bikes. this
> doesn't mean
> it's an uncommon thing to others. you choose the method of bike transport
> that suits you, same as you choose your car. i merely offer some
> pitfalls to
> help with your choice.....as for driving at 90+mph- with bikes on the
> roof....i certainly won't follow too closely behind you...in fact i'll
> probably be obliged to pass you :>) for sure my aerodynamics will
> be better
> than a car with bikes on top.
>         i'm happy that you all ride bikes.
> at the nationals last weekend cyclops riders took two gold, two
> silver, and
> one bronze medal over three events. all of the other brands
> represented took
> a combined total of one gold, one silver and 2 bronze in the senior mens
> competition.
> mike
> 86 5kcdtq, tap chip sjm spring
> 84 5ks
> 84 5ksw
> many cyclops bicycles