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RE: Bike racks

I think the best argument about the problem of roof racks for bikes is that
the driver will forget the bike is on the rack when he/she drives into the
garage after a long trip and pressing the button of the automatic garage
door opener.

As for stresses on the frame, I don't buy that at all.  I weigh just shy of
200 lbs, and I'm  6'4".  I don't claim to be any great shakes as a rider,
but I've ridden my old Jack Taylor up to 50 mph a number of times.  I know
that places a helluva lot more stress on that frame than when it's anchored
into a forkmount on the roof of my car at 70 or 80mph.  Also, if those
speeds cause excessive stress on a bike frame, they should cause even more
problems for flimsy plastic and chrome trim pieces on these cars.

- Jim