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Re: Air conditioning question, more

Concept is called adsorption and it can work with ammonia bromide, only
problem is if you get a leak you are dead.   This is one of the big reasons
you do not see those old time fridge's anymore.  But we all know you never
get leaks in cars right? It is very hard to beet the scroll compressors they
put in cars today for efficiency.  I did some work on adsorption systems for
SC Edison in college using waste heat when fuel prices were sky high and
even then it was not cost effective.And maintaining the constant heat
differentials would be near to impossible in a car, I remeber I was thinking
of turning some sort of steam turbine off of the exhaust at the time, gut
still is an inconvienient setup as what happens during warm up while you
bake in the car.  Go to your library and get an ASHRAE Fundamentals handbook
to learn all you want about it.

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> I'm waiting for a heat exchanger using excess heat from the catalytic
> converter.  Much like that gas powered refrigerator my folks had 45 year
> ago. Ran forever, quiet and no compressor with moving parts. Probably need
> custom built cat though and perhaps there aren't any suitable gasses that
> are "environmentally friendly"
> Graydon are you out there? has GM (caddy) ever considered such a concept?
> > The original goal was to eliminate the uneven horsepower draw of the
> > conventional compressor, and to eliminate rubber flex hoses and access
> > problems.
> >
> > I need to think further about this - the cure may be worse
> > than the disease!
> >
> > There's GOTTA be a better way!
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