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Cleaning Intake System Advice for Me?

    I took all the hoses out today: crankcase breather, ISV lines... except
one that wouldn't come off of the metal breather hose section.  I took off
all of the clamps, some nicer than others, and noticed that the "L" bend for
the ISV is for a Mercedes and doesn't fit.
    I put all of the hoses in the dishwasher and the clamps in the
silverware bucket, family loved that one.  I saw very oily, gaseous ooze in
a lot of the hoses, is that a problem or just regular accumulation?
    I cleaned the inside of the throttle body with rubbing alcohol and found
sound residue and grease.  Also noticed some play in the "second to open"
butterfly valve, again, is that OK or not?
    Wow, the dishwasher is making a real stink, yuck!  Better go check that


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