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Re: Hyd Pump Rebuild tips

Actually my leak seems to be from the top of the banjo bolt on the top of the 
knuckle. The washer (proper term?) that is in-between is visibly elongated, 
but I'm sure that the leak is more difficult than replacing that single 
washer (trust me).

Ryan R.

In a message dated 7/11/99 5:23:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
conner@cfm.Ohio-State.edu writes:

<< First, where is it leaking? The kit from the dealer has o-rings that
 should fix the leaks from any port in the two pump halves, pistons etc.
 The most common leak is between the two pump halves. When you take the
 pump apart by removing the two end bolts( knuckle - bang- blood) you see
 all kinds of o-rings that now have you psyched that you will soon have a
 clean gargage floor and no more butt prints from where you have tripped
 and impacted. There are 6 little o-rings and one in the middle.