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denial, intersting cds

chapter 1: denial

so i've heard various listers maligning the 80q's tranny for its weak 
synchros.  i have an 80q.  the gears grind when i shift into 3rd above 
3800 rpm.  now, i haven't actually driven the car since i joined the list 
so i just recalled this issue a few days ago while having a nightmare 
about putting new suspension in and then having the car blow up on the 
first test-drive.  anyway, i used to just tell myself that all i need was 
to replace the linkage bushings and change the fluid to something nice 
and synthetic like redline.  i have a feeling that i'm wrong.  how big is 
the ensuing headache?  translation:  how quickly do i need to fix this 
before it causes serious damage and how hard is this to fix?

chapter 2:

if anybody has any CDs that they think i, AS AN AUDI ENTHUSIAST, might 
enjoy, i would love to borrow them.  it would be even better if anybody 
has an interesting CD that they made with their own CD burner and would 
like to sell to me. 


the artist formerly known as joe-the-new-guy
1990 80Q 138k - affectionately known as "jabba the audi" for its 
locomotive practices.