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help! power window gremlins

For some reason this post didn't get on yesterday.  Here it goes again.

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The things I put up with because I love quattros (now on my 5th)....

Yesterday, I had what I thought to be a power window switch failure when my 
passenger side window in my 86 5kcstq wouldn't go down.  My son then got in 
that side of the car and used his switch to lower the window- permanently! 
 I'm going to take the door panel off and raise it permanently until I can 
track my problem down.

Interestingly, prior to this incident my car suffered from slow window 
syndrome, which I assumed was a weak ground, or something like that.  Now 
the remaining three windows fly up and down like brand new.  Finally, the 
little lights on the affected switches are less bright than the rest. 
 Could this be motor failure?  One final clue- pressing the switches since 
this has happened causes NO noises or motion within the door.

Also, are regulator/motor units interchangeable r-l, f-r, etc?

I'm off to buy a multimeter and anxiously await replies...