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Tranny Fill HELP




I need some big help here in a hurry folks.  After replacing the heater
valve in my sister's car (her birthday present -- she was thrilled to
have cold air coming from all the vents again), we decided to change the
oil in her tranny.  I notice when I drained it that it look very clean
for 90k miles, and seemed to be a whole lot of it in there.  Hummmm,
must have been changed by PO.

So I get all the oil out and I go to open the fill plug and my wrench
will not go into the plug.  I get a flashlight and find that the PO sort
of stripped the plug and must have been pounding on it with a chisel,
but to no avail.  It seems they only succeeded in screwing it up more. 
It does not leak, but I don't think it is ever coming out.

No problem, we just have to flip the car on its roof...

Actually, we found a road with a really steep shoulder that I drove up
on with the front wheel.  It was basically standing on the back tire
with the inside back tire about two feet off the ground (had to lock
both diffs to get up there).  Using this method, unfortunately, I could
only get 1.5 quarts in to the case through the drain hole before it
started coming out again.

So what can I do?  Anyone know what the minimum safe level will be? 


p.s. I am no longer on the Quattro list.  If any of you QWS'er are,
would you please forward this to the list for me?

Matthew Brenengen
'87 4kq; '88 QSW; '76 '02