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Re: Changing UFO pads

Mine didn't.  The sensors are little composite blocks at the end of the
wires that plug into the pads.  One leg of the wire goes up through a hole
in the pad and back down over the top and across the front. When the pads
wear down the wire comes in contact with the rotor and is eventually worn
through thus opening the circuit and lighting the light. I called the VW
dealer to see if they had them on Sat. and was told they were $50 each and
they would have to order them.  Needless to say out came the crimping tools.


At 07:36 AM 7/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Frank Stadmeyer wrote:
>> All done and everything worked great.  The rotor retaining screws even came
>> out easily.  Somebody had put anti-seize on them previously.
>> The hardest part was repairing the wear sensors.  When the pads wear down
>> the sensor wire wears through and that opens the circuit.  When I removed
>> the pads and found the wires broken I figured I was in for it.  After some
>> thought I realized all I had to do was splice some new wire in.  I went to
>> some lengths to make sure that the old wire was what was set to wear
>> through.  This was probably not necessary, what do the rest of you do?
>Shouldn't the new pads come with wires on them?