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Re: Air conditioning question, more

On Sun, 11 Jul 1999 14:35:41 -0400, Stephen Bigelow wrote:

>I thought they all did...the wee switch under the gas pedal, at least on my
>>In any case - what about the concept of detected WOT disabling the
>>compressor?  I'm _sure_ some models do it.
>> Phil Payne

And then

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999 07:34:52 -0700, Wolff wrote:

>So it is said. However, on my '88 5kcstq, the compressor runs in first
>Colin Hames wrote:
>>  5KTQ's have a switch on the tranny that disengages the compressor
>> whenever first gear is selected.

I must second Wolff here. My 5kcstq does not disable the A/C by any
input from tranny or throttle. I think Team Door Handle was allowed
to sit in on the design conference where this was discussed and advised
that there would be so much torque with the MC engine that this would
not be necessary. Those funny guys.

The 5k auto does employ a kick-down switch, "the wee switch under the
gas pedal," to disable the compressor under hard acceleration. My 5 speed
5ktq appears to have a dummy stop block in place of this switch. In size,
appearance and mounting, it closely resembles the picture of the kick-down
switch I saw somewhere, probably Bentley. I've been meaning to order the
switch and wire it into the A/C control head to obtain the disable function.
The control head connector pin number is specified in the Bentley if
memory serves. I would expect this input to be of the "short to ground (neg)
to activate" variety.

DeWitt Harrison
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq