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Re: 5000 Mile Mobil 1 Change Interval

Au contraire, mon ami, the stop and go/short distance driving style of most
North Americans is harder on the engine than most driving, other than flat
out racing. The condensation inside the engine never fully burns away
resulting in severe sludge build-up, restricted oil passages and coking of
the piston oil rings. Synthetics help fight this phenomenon but frequent
highway trips over 30 minutes and more frequent oil changes are the only
"cure". Carbon build-up has been a serious issue in the US, prompting
service campaigns by Audi and other European manufacturers. These are issues
you may have not experienced, given the opportunity to "air it out" more
frequently than us over here.

Bryan Doughty
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> In message <011801becbe0$b56bb440$d386a5d1@mother> "BMD" writes:
> > Consider the Factory's recommended service intervals. Almost no one
> > under "normal" conditions so should I always recommend changing every
> > miles.
> As far as the factory is concerned, 'normal' means 200rpm short of
> redline on the autobahn.  You could probably extend intervals to 15,000
> miles the way most US drivers drive.
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