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Re: My 86 4000 CS Quattro

At 05:11 PM 7/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi group!
>I'm the guy who asked about my front CV joint and my car not tracking
>properly.  I appreciate the responses.
>Unknown to me at that time, my CV joint is fine... all it needs is a new
>boot.  I'm planning to have all 4 done at once.
>Now for the bad news.  When I went to see the mechanic he showed me the
>left rear wheel, the front of which pointed away from the front of the
>car. The car has been to an alignment shop which discussed to problem
>with my mechanic.  I just received the related costs and as soon as I
>picked myself off the floor I thought I'd share it with you out there in
>Audi land.
>I apparently need (2) rear strut housings, tie rods, front and rear ball
>The cost for parts is $1450.00.  The total price with $420.00 labor, a 4
>wheel alignment and tax is $2070.00.
>My car is a 1986 4000 CS Quattro with 152,000 miles.  Is this something
>"normal" for an Audi this age?  Does the price seem reasonable?  The
>mechanic does not want to use used or rebuilt parts because he feels we
>are dealing with critical safety components of the car.  I wonder if
>rebuilt would be fine, given that I don't expect to put another 150,000
>miles on the car, as much as I love driving it!
>Thank you all.  I plan to have a meeting tomorrow, July 13, with the
>mechanic to discuss.
>Chances are the strut housings are not needed,  these cars have a tendency
for the rear springs to sag over time.  This changes the geometry and often
the camber cannot be brought into spec.  The ball joints are probably right
but I wonder if they want to replace the tie rods because they are frozen?
Often a little work with the torch (gently!!) and penetrating oil will save
them.  Find out how far out the rear is.  The later cars (85-87) run alot
more negative camber in the rear and it may not really need it.  My 84 runs
-30 min in the rear and has no ill effects in handling or tire wear,  the
later cars are -1 deg 30 min.  So it may not be as bad as they say.


Daniel Jones 84 4ksq x2
Dealer tech