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Re: who put A8 16x7 ET37 wheels on their typ44 turbo?

JordanVw@aol.com wrote:
> please p-mail me if you are running the 37mm offset A8 5spoke 16x7 whees on
> your type 44 turbo/TQ
> thanks
> chris

Doin' it, but the car is not lowered. The car is an '88 5kcstq with
"stock" alignment. I get rub in back under hard cornering, but have no
trouble carrying 4 people. It has been suggested that running -.5 deg
camber in back eliminates the rubbing. I think the shape of the tire is
a big factor as well. I have 205/55 16 P-7000 which have gotten noisier
as the tread has worn.
P.S. I had them on my '91 200 tq for a while and that application
required a 4 mm spacer on the front wheels to clear the UFO's.