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Re: need a 89 200 motor

In a message dated 7/13/99 12:28:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
kbaisley@pacbell.net writes:

<< It has not been a good day. I blew a hose on the freeway in my 89 200 and 
 the time I got out of traffic my motor siezed. I now have anywhere from 35
 to 45 Psi in the cylinders. I am now looking for a good new / used long
 block or motor. I am located in southern California. Does anyone remeber the
 name of the guy in central Calif. that sold new Audi / VW motor and

try detlev hanschke, in livermore, ca. (bay area)
i know he had a MC turbo engine he was going to put into a VW Vanagon, but 
never got around to it yet (yes, you can do that - in South Africa all the 
new VW "Caravelles" (Vanagons) have the audi 5cyl, and you just use the SA 
bellhousing to mount the 5cyl.)

'86 5kT
'86 5kTQ
'84 VW Vanagon (awaiting 5cyl turbo motor transplant)