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89 200 motor Warped Head ?

Thanks for all who have responded.  In my stress Peter, from Audi Only ,
brings up a good point  about the head being warped. The motor did not lock
up, it just got real *(^!ing hot and the power dropped to nothing . When the
head warps I thought that you would usually loose a couple cylinders ( Psi
testing ) I have lost pressure in all cylinders.. Am I wrong in my thinking
? I only get around 35psi in 1 2 3 and around 45psi in 4 5. There was a
little water in the first couple of cylinders but as far as I can tell no
water in pan. The motor cranks over with little resitance, like I had no
plugs in it. It sound real depressing ( $$$ ). Life would be better if it
was a head. I know that I am overdue to the Gods on these cars but, If I can
get away with a new gasket and some head work , I would be much happier

Thanks to all for your advice !!!