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RE: 20vt brake rotor question

The G60 conversion for the '91 20v turbo--or for the V8 for that matter--are
basically the same between the 89-90 10v 200s and the S4/S6.  There are two
essential differences (aside from things like springs and spring rates).  1.
The balljoints on the tie rod ends for the S4/S6 are bigger than for the
earlier cars, but they're the same size as for the 91 200Q.  So if you
convert using S4/S6 struts, you keep your old tie rod ends.  

2. THe hubs on the S4/S6 are spaced out 3mm farther toward the outside than
is the case for the earlier cars.  So my guess is that the hats are slightly
different, though everything else should be the same for the 276mm rotors.
When I did the conversion, I got all S4 stuff from the same car, and so I
asked for S4 rotors.  But I seem to recall that Rod at The Parts Connection
told me there are different part numbers for the rotors for late 5000s and
10 valve 200s versus the S-cars.  Give TPC a call and find out what the part
# differences are.  I know I'm right on the hub differences, though.


- Jim