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Re: HOT running MC... sporadic fan. Update

Just another note on this weird condition. The gauge began to
function again this evening. It showed normal temps when running
(about straight up on the gauge) and I thought I heard the fan a
few times (with the new one it's so much quieter it's hard to
but when I shut off once back at home, I watched it creep up to
about the 5/8ths mark, past where the fan usually comes on. The
fan then came on for about five seconds, as before. I'm stumped

only5kgt@uswest.net wrote:

> Hello again...
> The 87 5kcst, recent recipient of a new 7-blade fan and new
> hoses for the coolant, has begun yet another cooling
> shenanigan. It had been working great (that new fan was a
> lot quieter) for a few weeks- last night, I noticed that the
> temp gauge had gone AWOL again (it works the majority of the
> time- bad multi-function sensor, right?) so I felt the hood
> as I hopped out. Really warm. No hot smell or anything, but
> up there. Those of us with calibrated thumbs know. I
> wondered why the nice new fan didn't come on. As if in
> response, it did. For about five seconds. Then off again. I
> shook my head and went inside to sleep.
> Behaved fine on the way to work this morning, but that run
> can sometimes leave it not hot enough to run the fan anyway.
> Inconclusive. On the ride home, same symptoms. Got good and
> warm (I know, the temp gauge will be fixed ASAP!) and about
> five seconds of fan.
> The obvious answer (from an outside perspective) would be
> that the multi-function sensor turns the fan on, of course
> it's not working. But I recall that this fan control is
> modulated by input from the sensor under the lower rad hose.
> And I've had the fan working just fine with the gauge AWOL
> before. Resistor for fan speed? Do I need to replace that
> radiator sensor again? The fan works fine when AC is
> switched on, so I'm ruling out connection issues there
> (rightly, I hope)
> Thanks for input. The 5k, with its lukewarm AC and list of
> weird issues like this, is starting to try my patience. Just
> summer heat, I guess.
> Regards,
> Rob