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Re: My 86 4000 CS Quattro

> I apparently need (2) rear strut housings, tie rods, front and rear ball
> joints.
> The cost for parts is $1450.00.  The total price with $420.00 labor, a 4
> wheel alignment and tax is $2070.00.

No no no no.  Unless your car was wrecked, at least!

I could see tie rods if they are rusted to be not adjustable, maybe a
ball joint here and there, but you can;t possibly need all that stuff
and still be driving the car!  How could the strut housings need to be

> My car is a 1986 4000 CS Quattro with 152,000 miles.  Is this something
> "normal" for an Audi this age?

the CV boot, sure, the tie rods, sure, the mechanics next two mortgage
payments, no way!

>  Does the price seem reasonable?

That's not even relevant.

>  The
> mechanic does not want to use used or rebuilt parts because he feels we
> are dealing with critical safety components of the car.  I wonder if
> rebuilt would be fine, given that I don't expect to put another 150,000
> miles on the car, as much as I love driving it!

Hmmm.  My strut housings are 278,000 miles old.  they're fine.  I would
just get a second (or is it third?) mechanics opinion (estimate) on this
one if you can.  You must.

Huw Powell

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