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Re: Subject: Air conditioning question, more

"Car is a N.A. 86 5000, Turning the A/c on is like throwing out an anchor. No more smoothness, idle goes to 600 rpm (n.a. cars don't have the raise-idle-when-a/c-is-on circuit as on turbo cars)."

Can't verifiy this properly right now since the compressor on my '84 5KS is disconnected at the moment, which is why I've been reading this thread with interest, but...on my car, changing the setting on the climate control from "econ" to "auto" results in the idle increasing by several hundred RPM's.  Since the air conditioning isn't hooked up right now, I take this to mean that the car does raise the idle when the a/c is on (or when it thinks the A/C is on).  I also vaguely seem to remember that when the A/C DID work (before I bought the car from my folks) that this is exactly what happened.  Anyone know for sure?

I definitely remember the car feeling like it had NO power when the A/C was on, though.  Car interior got pretty damn cold though, even in 30C heat.

Jeff Mruss
'84 5KS