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Re: Audi 90q vin number questions is it a Sport?

As far as I can tell you have the sport.  I have the same car and my Vin# 
starts off the same WAUEE88.....  There is a Audi Vin decoder somewhere on 
the web but I lost the link.  As for the insurance, I think it is the same 
as a regular 90 or 90q.  The differences on this model are very sketchy.  
Suspension is the main difference, lower and stiffer, as for the other 
"official" model differences that is another thread.  Hope this helped.

95 90q Sport

>Hi all,
>Yes the endless line of questions.  A few people coached me on the
>sublties of the 90 model.  One thing that came up was the not so often
>seen 1995 90q Sport model.  I just got the final papers from my
>insurance company USAA and they listed my new 90q as a 90q Sport.  So
>thinking I had been overcharged I called them up to rectifiy the
>situation.  Acording to them my Vin # tell s tehem that I have the
>sport.  Their database says the if the 4th position is an E rather than
>a C than its a Sport vs. a regular 4 dr.  Are they right?
>Vin# WAUEE88C......
>Any thoughts all.  Thanks,

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